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    To me, the key to overcoming the MTS is having a routine and being religious about it.

    5% wc a day, with 50% weekly for 8 tanks and 4 ponds (ponds are running on a drip system, magastos daw pero less wc naman) with more or less 30 diff species of monster fish. Then check your filter media monthly and always clean them. Sabi nga ni sir Angel, mas efficient pa ang malinis na foam filter kesa napakaruming mga ceramic rings kasi clogged up na ang pores. Vaccuum the bottom if needed.

    With regard to feeding, i prepare my fish food every saturday and put them in different containers per tank, per day. Usually frozen food and pellets ang diet so madaling gawin. This way, habang nag wc ka, itha-thaw mo nalang yung food then feed them about an hour after wc para di sila gaano stressed at magana kumain.

    I also buy live feeders once a week but i quarantine them for 3 days at least para safe. Minsan kasi may sakit ang mga ito lalo na yung kataba, and when they suddenly die, it will automatically foul your water prompting you to do an emergency wc which will stress the shh out of you and your fish and will mess up your routine as well.

    Stocking also plays a big role. Just keep an eye on bullies and tanks that are overstocked. Lakas maka foul ngnwater pag overstocked and either mabansot yung isda or mamatay. Either way, nakakawalang gana mag alaga:/

    Iniisip ko nalang na I as the keeper is the best filtration system for my pets. I keep the water pristine through routine checks and maintenance. Kung may routine ka, your water will more often than not be stable and so you dont have to check your water parameters from time to time. Kasi nakaka stress din yun lalo na kung magpapanic ka lol)

    Do it continuously for around 21 days and its gonna be integrated to your routine thus making it somewhat automatic for you to do. Itll take less than an hour a day and a bit more on weekends. The rest can be dedicated to enjoying and watching ur awesome fishes.

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    1 120 gallons- malaysian green and motoro ray
    1 120 gallons- lower jaw bichirs
    1 customized 80 gallons- redmelons, malboro reds , leopard discus and electric blue rams
    1 50 gallons- pearlscale, bullheads and ryukins goldfishes
    1 50 gallons- IT,NTT and PNT
    1 30 gallons- frontosas, flagtails and blackbars
    1 30 gallons- blue crayfish, tiger barbs, black phantom tetras
    1 30 gallons (terrarium) - map turtles and gold thread turtle
    1 20 gallons- mono sabaes, tinfoils and silver dollars
    1 20 gallons- red crayfish and gouramis
    1- 15 gallons( planted tank)- cardinal tetra, espei rasbora, galaxy rasbora, rotalla, star grass, assassins
    1-15 gallons- koi swordtails ,white cloud minnows
    1 small pond- red ear slider turtles, malayan box turtles

    Water change once a week for all.... i observe them daily at night for any diseases while feeding them and as a form of relaxation..

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