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    When a member or forum user is displeased with another individual or group that may or may not be associated with PALHS, it is considered a grievance and the individual may file a complaint to the officers (even if the complaint is directed to the officers/moderators). The complaint MUST NOT be made in public (published in the forum, web site, email, etc.). This is to avoid settling disputes in the forum as it almost always leads to misunderstanding and grandstanding. Should this rule be violated, charges will be brought to the offender and he/she may be warned, suspended or permanently banned from the forum or removed from the society.


    Often times, it may be a minor complaint and the REPORT button may be used to report to the moderators/officers. If the complaint is serious, you need to complain directly to the officers regarding the individual and/or group that you are concerned about (called 'the respondent'). At all times, try to resolve your complaint with the respondent first. You need to give the respondent a reasonable time (usually 3 to 5 days) to respond to your complaint.

    If you are not satisfied with the way the respondent deals with your complaint, or if the respondent does not reply, then you can complain to the officers.

    Your complaint letter/message should include:

    - the name of the individual or group involved;
    - a brief description of your problem;
    - any action the individual or group has taken to fix the problem;
    - a description of any response you have had from the individual or group and copies of any relevant documents.
    - Where there has been an interference with the privacy of a number of individuals, one individual may make a complaint on behalf of the group.


    You may send your complaint by e-mail to You may contact the PALHS hotline (0922)UR-PALHS or you can also send us your complaint by Private Message to the Secretary or any of the officers:

    Forum Nick and Position:

    AD - President
    Kido - Vice-President
    Jumanji - Secretary
    Bosing - Treasurer
    bikoy888 - PRO

    For web site/forum matters, you may send the complaint to the moderators (color coded yellow/orange) who will then forward this to the Officers.


    The body you are complaining about is called the respondent. We may need to contact you or the respondent for more information before we decide whether we can investigate your complaint. Please let us know if you do not want us to tell the respondent about your complaint.


    This will depend on the nature of the complaint. If it is more personal then we may or may not investigate the matter. But if this involves PALHS, its members, forum rules, and the integrity of this forum then we may decide to investigate your complaint. If we do decide to investigate, you will need to give us some information. This will usually include:

    A copy of your letter of complaint to the respondent you are complaining about; and a copy of any response to your complaint that you have received from the respondent. You must give the respondent 14 days to reply to your letter. In some cases we may decide not to investigate your complaint. If we decide not to investigate we will write to you to explain why.


    If we need more information about what has happened. We will contact you to discuss your complaint and what you are seeking. We may ask you or the respondent to give us documents or to contact witnesses if we need to.

    When we have all the information we need we will contact the respondent in writing and:

    - tell them that you have made a complaint;
    - tell them what you are complaining about or give them a copy of your complaint;
    - explain how their actions may have infringed your rights; and
    - ask them to respond to our letter within 7 days.

    Please let us know if you do not want the respondent to see any documents or information you give us as evidence. Otherwise we let both you and the respondent have access to all documents and information provided. We do not exchange information with any party other than those involved in the complaint.

    When we receive a reply from the respondent we will either telephone you or write to you asking you to give your views on what the respondent has said about your complaint.

    If there will not be enough evidence to support your complaint, we may decide to stop the investigation and close your file. We will write to you and give you the reasons and explain your options if you wish to appeal the decision.

    If we think there is enough evidence to support your complaint, we will try to conciliate your complaint.


    Conciliation means that we will try to help you reach an agreement with the respondent that will resolve your complaint in a fair way.

    We can conciliate your complaint in a number of ways. Usually we contact the respondent and ask them if they agree to your solution and give them a chance to reply. Or we may bring both you and the respondent together in a conciliation conference.


    When you are making a complaint, you need to think about what you want the respondent to do.

    You may want an apology or explanation. You may want the individual or group to improve their practices to reduce the chance of the same thing happening again.

    If you and the respondent cannot agree, we will make a decision about what should happen.


    Either: The respondent has made you a reasonable offer but you have not accepted it. We can close your file on the grounds that the respondent has adequately dealt with the matter, even if you do not agree.

    Or: The respondent has not made you a reasonable offer. The Officers can make a formal decision suggesting to the respondent how to resolve your complaint. If it is not acted on, then the Execom will take appropriate actions such as suspension or termination of the respondent's account/membership.

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