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PALHS Forum Rules & Guidelines


You are Responsible for your own post, no one else!
No vulgar, obscene, bad words, pornographic, spamming, inappropriate words, images or links allowed.
Use only one (1) username, do not allow others to use it and do not pretend to be someone you are not.
No contact info, advertising (other than Sponsors), or links in avatars and signatures.
Do not flame, retaliate, threaten, air your grievances or use the forum as a place to settle disputes!
Moderators won't catch every violation so please report all complains.
Be forgiving! You're not perfect too.
Show respect for others' views & opinions and they'll respect you.
Do not discriminate any race, gender, religion, politics, etc.
Do not defame anyone by calling them a "cheat", "liar", "thief", etc.
Do not use the forum to discuss illegal activities.
Share your knowledge! If the you benefit from the information on the forum then you have a duty to pay back the community by assisting others too.
Do not intentionally give bad advice that may cause an individual harm or loss.
Capital and bold letters are used for shouting in the forum, avoid using them.
Do not use excessive symbols, smilies or reply using emoticons only.
Do not go off-topic!
Do not post identical threads, messages, questions or "bump" your thread up the listing.
Do not use the discussion forums to advertise or promote a sale or service.
Do not post for others in the Buy & Sell forums or in the discussion forums in order to solicit buyers. These are deemed as trying to circumvent the rules.
Do not use Text Speak in the forum!
If you sell for profit, apply for corporate membership! Commercial trading is only allowed for corporate members and sponsors.
Before you sell, do a preliminary market research to determine a reasonable selling price.
Do not criticize the selling price of others.
Always follow the Selling Format otherwise your thread may be deleted without warning!
After you make a sale or find your "want" item, close the thread.

Why Can't I Start a Thread in Talipapa Forums?

If you're a new to the forum, you belong to the NEWBIE usergroup and you will need to be registered for at least 30 days and have at least 50 posts before you can post a thread or topic in the Talipapa forums. Afterwards, you will be moved to the Hobbyist usergroup. Also, Newbie users do not have access to private messages until then.

If you're not new, you may have accumulated 4 infraction points and have been moved to the Dither usergroup. You will be able to reply to threads made by others but you will not be able to start your own or reply to your old threads. You will also not be able to view the buy and sell forums.

PLEASE NOTE: All users can not reply to threads made by others in the buy & sell forums (Bili Bili Na). If you have any other questions on how to use the forum, please check other FAQ or post your question in the Site Update, Feedback and Troubleshooting forum.

Why Can't I Reply in Bili Bili Na forum?

All users can not reply to the Buy & Sell Forum (Bili Bili Na) except in the Sa Loob Ng Tindahan forum. This is to encourage sellers to follow the Selling Template where all necessary information should be included in their first post.
Interested buyers may send a Private Message, e-mail or call the seller.

Only thread starters may reply to their own threads in the Talipapa and Palengke forums.

How Do I Make A Complaint?

When a member or forum user is displeased with another individual or group that may or may not be associated with PALHS, it is considered a grievance and the individual may file a complaint to the officers (even if the complaint is directed to the officers/moderators). The complaint MUST NOT be made in public (published in the forum, web site, email, etc.). This is to avoid settling disputes in the forum as it almost always leads to misunderstanding and grandstanding. Should this rule be violated, charges will be brought to the offender and he/she may be warned, suspended or permanently banned from the forum or removed from the society.

Often times, it may be a minor complaint and the REPORT button may be used to report to the moderators/officers. If the complaint is serious, you need to complain directly to the officers regarding the individual and/or group that you are concerned about (called 'the respondent'). At all times, try to resolve your complaint with the respondent first. You need to give the respondent a reasonable time (usually 3 to 5 days) to respond to your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the way the respondent deals with your complaint, or if the respondent does not reply, then you can complain to the officers.

Your complaint letter/message should include:

- the name of the individual or group involved;
- a brief description of your problem;
- any action the individual or group has taken to fix the problem;
- a description of any response you have had from the individual or group and copies of any relevant documents.
- Where there has been an interference with the privacy of a number of individuals, one individual may make a complaint on behalf of the group.

You may send your complaint by e-mail to You may contact the PALHS hotline (0922)UR-PALHS or you can also send us your complaint by Private Message to any of the officers/moderators.

For more info, please go to this link:

Why Did I Get An Infraction?

The Infraction system is designed to automate the management of misbehaving users.
Depending on the type of forum violation, user will receive infraction point(s) from the Moderator(s) (see Forum Violations and Infraction Points).
These point(s) are accumulated and have a corresponding penalty and expiration time (see Infraction Penalties). When the infraction expires, the associated points are removed from the user's point total and the user's infractions are recalculated.

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